Nicolas Launay


20 years' experience as a service provider in the world of heavy industry: chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, oil refining, gas storage and transport.

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Evolutec Ingénierie


Evolutec Ingénierie was founded in June 2009. With 20 years' of Expertise in the energy, Nicolas Launay, director of the society, knows that the success of a company is first and foremost about people.

With reactiVity as its strong point Evolutec Ingénierie meets the expectations of its ever expanding customer portfolio already comprising some of the finest national and international referrals.

Investing in innOvation and quality, it is ISO 9001/14001 and Mase certified, acquired an Opercom ™ / ICAPS © licence and obtained a Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning framework contract in gas transport and storage.

In order to grow with the people making up the company, Evolutec Ingénierie devotes a large part of its energy to the fLexibility of its staff.

Its aim is to support its employees in their career development, remaining attentive to their development needs and creating a real partnership with tangible added valUe in terms of technical proximiTy and training which EnCourages a climate of trust.

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